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GUYS IN TIGHT PANTS.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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December 21st 12:45am]


If you wear tight pants, you may or may not like our music!

Regardless, help a nigga out. Click the following image and vote for my band. If we win our area, we'll be playing Taste of Chaos w/The Used, Saosin, Chiodos, & Senses Fail. Clicking the image pulls up our battleofthebands profile, you can listen to one of our songs if you'd like.. then just click vote for the revival, fill out the 10seconds worth of info.. go to your email, and confirm the vote. Do it as many times as you want!

copy & paste to add to your myspace/lj profile!

Always feel free to add us on myspace.

Shaun // The Revival

August 1st 12:06am]

i know everyone here likes tight pants on boys
but how tight does everyone else like them?
i guess everyone knows i like guys to wear them as tight as possible. i think the bursting out of pants bulge is hot
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June 19th 11:47pm]

toronto hosted the 2006 mmva's the other night and muchmusic vj devon soltendieck was owning his tight pants. there's a slideshow you can watch here, he's the bloke with the blonde hair and white blazer and the SUPER tight black pants

devon the tight pants queen
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June 3rd 11:28pm]

[ mood | sore ]

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May 18th 2:03pm]


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March 29th 9:35pm]

This is my friend Derek. It's his first time ever wearing tight pants. He finally came through.
Although I don't think it's going to be his daily wear :-(

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Derek @ MySpace
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only a few [Wednesday
March 15th 9:05pm]

[ 11 ] CMNT.

March 10th 11:20am]

[ mood | content ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
tiitepantzCollapse )

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February 17th 5:12pm]

pants!!!Collapse )
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January 27th 11:47pm]

[ mood | Apathetic ]

This is my friend NielsCollapse )

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December 29th 4:19pm]

I realized in my last post, you couldn't see my face
that always pisses me off when someone post, but you have no clue what they look like
so here

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and some pants tooCollapse )
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December 29th 3:31pm]

my husband, peter wentz in this month's issue of bass guitar

pete is the king of tight pants
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December 29th 12:45am]

So I'm using this post half to show you mi amigos in the tight jeans

and half to promote this bands show

The Boys of Infidel... Well, a few of them anywayCollapse )

Now, the reason I posted, our band needs your help
we are playing a show SUNDAY
we have not advertised it
and would appreciate your help.
If you live in North Houston TX
And get the info for our only listed show
and help us promote.

Much appreciated

sorry if this post sucks

This is my first post here, I don't post liek this normally, I'm just very desperate right now, don't judge me by this promo post.

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Guys In Tight Pants Calandar [Wednesday
December 28th 10:47pm]



I had this idea to make a calandar for 2006 of guys in tight pants. I thought if there can be a calandar of women with tight bums (not pants, same difference) than why can't there be calandar of guys with tight pants (not bums, same difference). The only problem with this idea is I can't get the coding for the calandar just right. I was using this tutorial by pixelfx.org. I was going to make this the top picture for the calandar:

This is more of example of what it could be. There would be a picture of guy in tight pants with the month and his name (or something) on it or we (or I, I have no other help yet) could even got have a theme for each month like in december would got have a guy in tight pants and santa hat on or something. Also, if anyone out there has any guys friends who wore tight pants that love to do crazy poses pictures or they could be "featured guy of the month" or the guy who does the theme month thing. So, what do you guys think? If this idea has already been thought of just tell me please because it would be horribly embrassing if it was. So, thanks for any help in advance.


p.s.- do i have to put this stuff under a cut?

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random music upload [Thursday
December 15th 1:21pm]

[ mood | it's a blizzard outside! ]

I know this is a bit random and ot, but I've uploaded a buttload of albums for someone and I figured I might as well share em cos it's no skin off my back, so I've posted them at my lj (_loveorsympathy) you're welcome to go and snag a few (or all of em) if you want! merry christmas

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December 12th 6:53pm]

The only way to a guy's heart is Their Girl PantsCollapse )
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my first post [Sunday
December 11th 11:15pm]

[ mood | content ]

hey everyone, my name's laura and this will be my first post, let's hope it's a good one

my favourite myspace boyCollapse )

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December 10th 3:41pm]

[ mood | Norwegian pride! ]

this is ken.
he's norwegian and my friend.
lives in estonia now.
it's sad because no i have no one to speak swedish with now.

jag fik blodet lustaCollapse )

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You know you want to watch it. [Wednesday
November 30th 5:15pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

So AmHar and I got bored. We made a movie (actually it's a cop out slide show done on Windows movie maker).

It's a tribute.

To boys kissing other boys and to tight pants.


PS. this will prolly take you guys a billion hours to load. Sorry... i wanted to keep the quality high so it's about 18 MB haha. Woops... oh well. Just be patient with it.

It's worth it...

[ 12 ] CMNT.

yes i am back. [Thursday
November 24th 10:19pm]


sorry i havent been updating alot! but i am BACK!

p.s. sorry if there are any repeats from my other posts. i just switched computers, but who seeing a few hot boys again right?

happy thanksgivingCollapse )

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